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Empty Hands Patch Okinawan patch Universal Patch
Jeet Kune Do Patch Zen Symbol Patch Ninja Star Patch
Jump Kick Patch Praying Mantis Patch Fist Patch
Dove and Fist Patch Ninja Patch Kung Fu Swords Patch
American Flag Patch Kenpo Fist Patch Tae Kwon Do Patch
Korean Flag Patch TKD Fighter Patch Shotokan Patch
Kung Fu Patch TKD Eagle Patch Tae Kwon Do Patch
Outstanding Attendance Patch USA and Roc Flag Patch USA and Korean Flag Patch
USA and Japan Flag Patch Sai Patch Ishinryu Patch
Bushido Patch Victory Patch Academic Achievement Patch
Instructor Patch Assistant Instructor Patch Black Belt Club Patch
Master's Club Patch Kenpo Karate Patch Tigers Face Patch
Tigers Head Patch Yin Yang Patch Green Dragon Patch
Dragon Patch Dragon Patch Panther Patch
Crane Patch Dragon Tiger Patch SWAT Patch
Ninja Fighter Patch Japanese Flag Patch TKD Kicker Patch
Nunchaku Patch Tai Chi Chuan Patch Shotokan Deluxe Patch
Mini Kung Fu Swords Patch Ninja Master Patch Cobra Patch
Eagle Deluxe Patch Sensei Patch Mini Tiger Patch
Sensei Patch
USA Tai Chi Patch Shotokan Tiger Patch American Eagle Patch
Mini Dragon Patch American Korean Patch Split Club Patch
Master's Club Patch Demo Team Patch Black Belt Club Patch
STORM Patch Lightning Bolt Patch Competition Team Patch
Student of the Month Patch 1" Star Patch American Flag Patch
Little Dragon Patch Honor Roll Patch Sidekick Club Patch
Tiny Tigers Patch Black Bar Patch White Bar Patch
Yellow Bar Patch Green Bar Patch Purple Bar Patch
Red Bar Patch Gold Bar Patch Blue Bar Patch
Orange Bar Patch Brown Bar patch Split Club Patch
Kenpo Patch Korean Flag Patch Korean Flag Patch w/ Gold Trim
Black Belt Club Patch Round Tiny Tiger Patch STORM Patch
Round Kama Patch Round Sai Patch Leadership Patch
Belt Patch Perfect Forms Patch Perfect Side Kick Patch
Perfect Round Kick Patch Perfect Sparring Patch Perfect Front Kick Patch
Perfect Swing Kick Patch Perfect Stance Patch Perfect Crescent Kick Patch
Perfect Fitness Patch Perfect Back Kick Patch KAMA Patch
ESCRIMA Patch SAI Patch BO Patch
NUNCHAKU Patch TONFA Patch Exceptional Attendance Patch
Outstanding Improvement Patch Black Sash Club Patch S.W.A.T. Patch
Perfect Board Breaking Patch DELTA Patch School Spirit Patch
Perfect Axe Kick Patch Kick-Boxing Kicks Butt Patch Kick-Boxing Feel the Rush Patch
Kick Boxing Patch Junior Instructor Patch Master Instructor Patch
Senior Instructor Patch Assistant Instructor Patch Perfect Kick Boxing Kick Patch
Perfect Kick Boxing Punch Patch USA Flag Patch 1/2" Star Patch
1 1/2" Star Patch Gold 1 1/2" Star Patch Silver 1 1/2" Star Patch Royal Blue
1 1/2" Star Patch Navy Blue 1 1/2" Star Patch Red 1 1/2" Star Patch White
1 1/2" Star Patch Purple 1 1/2" Star Patch Black 1 1/2" Star Patch Orange
1 1/2" Star Patch Green 1 1/2" Star Patch Brown 1 1/2" Star Patch Blue/Metallic Gold
1 1/2" Star Patch Metallic Gold 1 1/2" Star Patch Red/White/Blue 1 1/2" Star Patch Metallic Silver
Lightning Bolt Patch Metallic Silver Lightning Bolt Patch Red 1" Star Patch Gold
1" Star Patch Silver 1" Star Patch Royal Blue 1" Star Patch Navy Blue
1" Star Patch Red 1" Star Patch White 1" Star Patch Purple
1" Star Patch Black 1" Star Patch Black/Gold 1" Star Patch Orange
1" Star Patch Green 1" Star Patch Brown 1" Star Patch Metallic Gold
1" Star Patch Metallic Silver 1" Star Patch Red/White/Blue Belt Patch White
Belt Patch Gold Belt Patch Orange Belt Patch Purple
Belt Patch Blue Belt Patch Green Belt Patch Brown
Belt Patch Red Belt Patch Black Red Belt Patch Black
Belt Patch Yellow 1/2" Star Patch Gold 1/2" Star Patch Silver
1/2" Star Patch Blue 1/2" Star Patch Red 1 1/2" Star Patch Black/Gold
White Bars Gold Bars Orange Bars
green Bars Brown Bars Blue Bars
Purple Bars Black Bars Yellow Bars
Red Bars